Four Fragments Of Fading Life (split album)

by Who Dies In Siberian Slush / Ego Depths

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released December 30, 2011

four fragments of fading life (split CD)



1. The Spring.
2. Refinement Of The Mould.

All songs written by E.S. and performed by WDISS.
Recorded and mixed at Primordial Studio, 2011.



1. My Hearse Immortal.
2. Unmasker of the Absurd.

All songs written and performed by Stigmatheist.
Recorded and mixed at In the Depths of Altar Studio, 2011.

Cover art by Witchfinder.



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Track Name: Who Dies In Siberian Slush - Who Dies In Siberian Slush - The Spring
The Spring

That spring arrived which brought the river's swell
Flooding the margin in taiga where we dwelled.
The versed surveying crew of three
Were caught off guard while being asleep...

The fist of us was buried asleep
Under the rocks and rooted trees
I dragged out my second friend, while he was alive
A huge tree trunk had crushed his spine...
he died in my arms

Eternal wanderings in the taiga,
countless nights and days,
I fed on roots, pests fed on me,
but I seeked the way.
Then cold arrived with a new winter's breath
The brave blood slows inside my veins.
I feel the near unrelenting Death....
Track Name: Who Dies In Siberian Slush - Refinement of the Mould
Refinement of the Mould

Once I woke up and realized…
Something is wrong, I’m terrified …
Fright thrilled my body, through it has run…
I touched myself and I have found-
that pale spot on my forearm…

With icy horror it was spread…
Friable structure that spot had…
And mouldy web amidst the spot-
That loathsome lace of pallid rot…

My nerves were strained in awful pain…
Gazing at (the) spot that grew again…
I’ve crossed the wall which leads behind…
I plunged asleep thus I was wound…

I went astray amidst the swamps,
amidst that haze , in filth alone…
I screamed for help being lost in bogs…
For some one close in… murky fogs…

Awoke in horror, terrified-
completely covered with decay mould…
Like musty cheese, like rotting tree…
I yelled with terror- flame for me!!!

Be purified! In flames I cried…
Flames, clean my skin, Fire, scorch my fright!
Flame was my part, I was the Fire!
I’m burning now… I’m purified!!!